Why West Penn Power?

West Penn Power offers its customers an excellent energy conservation program. As a resident of an energy voting zone, you benefit from West Penn Power PA Power Switch program.

Once you’ve logged into West Penn Power, manage your West Penn Power account, check your gas or energy usage, check your account balance, pay your West Penn Power bill, update your information, and much more.

In this way, your neighbors and friends in the electricity supplier area can trade the PA power supply, compare suppliers and choose the power supply that is best for them. By participating in the PA Power Switch, consumers have more control over managing their monthly electricity bills.

We are proud to make the latest West Penn Power credentials available to users for free. Have any new information on West Penn Power? We want to share and update this website with you for the benefit of all users.

On the West Penn Power login page, enter your username and password to access the account and you will be able to perform any of the following related activities:

Activities You Can Do After Getting Logged In

  • Report the theft to West Penn Power
  • West Penn Power Account Address Change
  • Update West Penn Power Details
  • Check your energy balance in West Penn
  • Pay the West Penn utility bill
  • West Penn Power Outage or Gas Leak Report

You also have the option of setting up automatic online bill payment and choosing alternative payment methods. You can also cancel accounts online and contact customer service. It offers an online bill payment service to all its users and offers various bill payment methods.

You can search through dozens of dealers for the best deal, but West Penn Power has the greenest rate, term, or source, including Somerset County wind farms.

Despite efforts by state regulators and retailers to get them into the competitive market, West Penn Power customers in Western Pennsylvania generally stick to their companies’ electricity rates.